Welcome to Value Vault

Preparing your company for sale or investment

Welcome to
Value Vault

Value Vault is an online tool designed for private company owners and management teams who are aiming to:

– find an acquirer for the business
– raise funding from an external investor


– pass the business on to management or family

Value Vault will guide you through a checklist to review various aspects of your business. Your answers can then be discussed with the team at Rockworth, helping you to uncover risks, enhance value, and improve the performance and saleability of your business.

About Value Vault

Value Vault was created by Rockworth – a corporate finance boutique that specialises in working with privately-owned businesses.

With experience of hundreds of transactions, we know the questions buyers and investors will ask about your business. We also understand the points of friction that can lead to transactions slowing down or even collapsing.

Building on that experience, we created Value Vault to help you think about every aspect of your business through the eyes of an acquirer or investor.

Value Vault is an online checklist that will ask you detailed questions about the operational, commercial and financial position of your business.

You don’t need to complete the checklist in one go. You can also revisit and revise your responses over time, as you work on addressing any weak spots that the checklist identifies.

You can use Value Vault anonymously, keeping any sensitive answers confidential and separate from your own IT systems.

Why use Value Vault?

Reduce the risk of failure โ€“ avoid the pitfalls and deal-breakers that can cause a transaction to fail

Increase enterprise value โ€“ identify and address problem areas before commencing a transaction, potentially leading to a higher valuation.

Level the playing field โ€“ get better prepared prepare for negotiations with investors or acquirers.

Get started

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Next time you visit, you can log in to your profile to revisit your checklist responses.